The Safe Zone



Maribel Maseda shows how a victim of assault and abuse can approach the end of her suffering. She starts by giving her a foundation on which to build the future that lies before her: she deserves to be loved and respected, has done nothing to suffer from violent behavior and has to escape her attacker as soon as possible.

The autor also addresses the relatives and friends of the victims of domestic violence to let them know what happens in the inner self of these people, what attitude should be adopted to support them and how to behave in the different situations that may arise..

Finally this work details step by step what can a victim do to go away from her attacker, start a new life, what kind of problems can come up and, above all, how to deal with them.

The Initation Board


What if we were so predictable that one could expect us to repeat the same patters over and over again?

What if someone, centuries ago,discovered a transcendental truth in and for mankind and its holistic evolution, but the Era in which this person had to live in did not let them speak of it openly?

There was someone, anonymous to us, who tried to transmit that truth to us. They did so with the hope that, one day, some people, few or many, could make use of it to reach a degree of consciousness more real and intact for themselves, their fellow man and the Universe in which they live.
To do this, they drew and and related symbols that described, one by one, the complexity of the human being. This entailed man’s obstacles and strengths, emotional tendencies, desires and necessities, originating virtues, angles and demons …

The Initiation Board treats these symbols with great admiration and respect for those wise men who discovered the true meaning of Life and decided to show to all humanity their findings. They were quite aware of the importance they needed to give to the manner in which their knowledge should be shared out. This way they gave time to those who were to approach them, being sufficient enough to learn by treating them as deemed worthy and not falsely employing them.

This book does not speak about the most common usage people give the Major Arcana Cards, however, it sheds a new light on them: each card represents a phase through which each human being must unavoidably pass. How they deal with each phase will condition their passage though the next one, this being similar to a game of chess.

While going across this board, no one will be left with becoming aware of some moment of their life. No one will feel left out of the descriptions of their most explicit needs nor most hidden desires. It speaks about each one of us, that is why, if you feel like knowing, all you have to do is open it up on any given page… and begin to read…

Talk to me


In “Talk to Me”, Maribel takes a brave step to publicly express that which anonymous patients transmitted to her knowing that they were close to death. They also shared with her real life stories and daily anecdotes dealing with the magic of life.

Through these apparently rather distant realities, they begin to crisscross and give the reader a feeling that something more is keeping them company along their journey, something that goes beyond fears and prejudices. “Talk to Me” does not try to convince anyone of anything; it just shows what so many people have experienced so many times, either directly or indirectly, without entering into controversy. Because the truth, whatever it may be, will always go before that which we believe to know.

It is a surprising book, far from conventionalism, but full of hope, encouragement for those looking for it and for those who can not find it just yet.

Translated by Arturo Guillén