• Nurse specialist in psychiatry


  • La Zona Segura
  • Hablame 3ª edition

Professional Experience

  • International Speaker
  • Expert on gender violence
  • Self-awareness Techniques Expert
  • Creator of the Gym-ki® Technique
  • Creator of Life Meetings
  • Creator of the Project 1letter1life Innovative and creative project to draw attention to the vital work developed by senior citizens. Handwritten letters containing a positive approach to their lives are collected. We circulate them around, in Spain and South America. Well known people in the world of acting are also participating.
  • Member of the Expert Women Platform
  • Offers training sessions
  • She is an expert in self-awareness techniques with a methodology of her own. For 20 years she has used old techniques, rationalized and adapted to the needs of each student, to let them learn for themselves based on their own interests and curiosity, always appealing to their capacity to be amazed. It is a unique and very different methodology which allows the individual to discover his/her potential, through the information contributed by the methodology and where, along the way, the individual’s potential was hidden or forgotten. It claims a high rate of success.
  • She works with psychological Mandalas and is considered an expert on the subject. The technique has been applied to a variety of professional groups.