Maribel Maseda is the creator of the movement “a letter, a life” conceived to give space and recognition to our seniors overall life development.

As an international lecturer and writer, Maribel Maseda has spent 20 years popularizing self-awareness courses. She is an expert on gender violence and has spent most of her life helping those most in need and, as part of her vocation, she is the creator of the movement “a letter, a life” , conceived to give space and recognition to our seniors overall life development. To do this, Maribel collects letters written in the handwriting of all those seniors who want to participate, “in which I ask them to write a positive story of their lives they do not want to be lost in oblivion. Then I look for cafes, anywhere around the world, that want to accommodate and be part of this movement. They agree to keep copies of all the letters written and every time a client or group of clients order something , he/she/they are handed one envelope along with the food or drink. When the customer opens the envelope he/she finds a handwritten letter in which a stranger tells about something important in the writer’s life. I have witnessed how, after reading some of these letters, groups of friends have spent hours discussing memories from their childhood and their present relationships with seniors, and I saw how thrilled they became and how the letter served to estimulate a renewed desire to reconnect with them. ”

Life Meetings

Her objectives are now centered in Brussels, but Maribel does not want that the letters stop rolling, “I have no hurry, I have no final goal, because my goal is that the letters keep rolling along all by themselves, even when I stop promoting them, i.e. that they take a life of their own, and keep appearing anywhere around the world. ”

Another project is aimed at seniors over 50 with serious personal or workplace issues. In her “Life Meetings”, Maseda works on how to “get rid of the burdens that from around the age of 50, and without us really noticing, crawl in and prevent us from being entirely happy thereafter. And that at an age when we should have learned that our life and lifestyle should be so important as to not want to waste a minute bemoaning a past on which we sometimes hang down. ”

Maseda does not forget animals either. She frequently rescues animals in situations of abuse or neglect. “There are many people committed to rescuing abused animals, and that is a very good thing , first for the animals but also for the rescuers themselves, as their act shows that the perversions of a group of people do not stand to represent human nature in general. As long as there are people who invest part of their lives saving helpless creatures from the cruelty of some, we are reminded that humans are basically good, not evil beings, ” she concludes.

Translated by Arturo Guillén.