Today they have raped 903 women.

We do not know them, and may never meet any of them. We won’t even read about them in the current affairs section of the newspapers. Today 903 women will be forced to face a different life than they had planned for themselves, or had dreamt about as girls, or had simply imagined, before someone crossed their path, someone who, to the shame of our species, is also a human being, which does not trivialize his crime, rather it aggravates it even further, making a mess of our own roots.

Speaking of the rapist is not to give him prominence, but to subtract worth from his persona. There is not a single ethically healthy person who may want to resemble such a type or occupy the same biological space. We must let rapists know this, otherwise we help and shelter them by our own fear of carrying ourselves the same defective trait, no sickness itself. When a wild predator is tearing apart a person’s body we know we must keep us safe from its aggression: in a place that is not intended for the predator, because everyone knows that certain species cannot live together. Just as we know that when an animal kills a person it is because one or the other has invaded a space that was not his.

But when ‘a person rapes somebody else’- understood not like another person, there is no doubt that, being a member of the same species, he occupies the same space where the others live and goes unnoticed among those who seem to be like him. This is an unbearable idea for many who will need to find a reason that makes them feel different from the rapist; a reason indicating that someone has invaded somebody else’s space: ‘she went alone knowing it’s dangerous’, ‘she is dressing provocatively knowing that excites them’, ‘she drinks heavily knowing that she loses track of what can happen next …’. But men and women are not different species that have to be kept separate on the danger of devouring each other.

Talking of a raped woman is not to victimize her. No need for it. She is a victim, meaning that there is an aggressor; no need to be pitied because the rapist will be forever a rapist and she will be the proof of what he will never be.

Talking about a sexual violation is not an unnecessary recreation of a humiliating act that a woman should not talk about. The rapist will not talk about it and if she does not either, his crime will go unpunished. And very likely be similar to his next. The reason he has committed his aggression is not because she has drunk too much or dressed herself inappropriately. He did it because he has a serious and dangerous problem of lack of control and an exaltation of instinct that clearly separates him from the territory in which human beings exercise their sexuality, which marks the honorable difference with animals.

The rapist knows, perceives, sees, hears, the pain the woman is suffering. No unconsciousness in his act, much less ignorance. She lives the terror of the rape she is suffering at a level hitherto unknown to her because it is like no other she could have felt or described previously. Something that transcends the merely personal and private is snatched by force from her. It is something sacred, absolutely intimate that goes beyond sex, sexuality and the will to use it as she sees fit.

While being raped she discovers the violation of her rights and her own vulnerability. At the same time she feels defiled, on something that only she could have, something hidden to the world and almost to herself by not requiring naming or defininition; something that conferred entity, right, and freedom on her. While being raped she discovers that she is stolen something precious and difficult to identify. She knows of its profound importance such that, on being ripped away from her, something invisible that so far was safe hidden from the world has come into the open and left unprotected. When someone who is a pervert finds it, he steals and destroys it with the vilest force and she feels that she now appears to the world naked, fragile and much, much more helpless.

Recovery is not just a physical act after the always brutal rape attack; it is an errand journey, wandering around, trying to find that something stolen from the deepest part of her being, not just from her sexuality.

As if he were a sickly inmortal, the evil pervert comes out empowered with every essence stolen. They feel they are powerful because they know exactly what happens to each of their victims.

What they do not realize is that, neither in one nor in a thousand aggressions they will be able to steal the most genuine thing of a woman, because they will never find it through rape. And just like what happens with what they steal from the victim, they will be unable to get it because it cannot be defined or described how it looks like. They won’t be able to identify it because they lack what is even deeper and more genuine than essence, and so they will never know where to look for it or how to find it.

If you have been abused and / or raped you should provide all the information so as to get the rapist unmasked. Search for help immediately, the type with which you feel comfortable and confident. Do not submit yourself to questioning on the whys and hows; you do not need any more wear and tear. The answers will never be with you, because they are forged in the insane mind of the pervert who committed the aggression. There are no motives you can fathom because they were never yours. In your testimony, do not feel that there are cracks leaking some detail that makes it look like you facilitated the crime. Tell the whole truth and do not succumb to the error of seeking to justify yourself. Everything just a bunch of people may critizise you for will be a different issue that has nothing to do with the aggression of the rapist, whether an acquaintance or a stranger. Do not let any fears dormant within you, as it would truncate your life and would grant new power to your aggressor.

Above all, never be ashamed of having been raped or abused. Or let others act as if you should be. Telling your story will not show you up but the rapist.

On telling the story you are taking power away from him because not only will he know that you are no longer afraid, but that he has lost his ability to put the shame on you. The more power he loses the more he will experience both fear and shame.

And never forget it: each rape amounts to a memory of what these guys won’t be able to achieve, ever.

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Translated by Arturo Guillén